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January 26, 2015

// Sponsored content in collaboration with Logitech. I was provided with the Logitech products as shown below for a review. All opinions are my own.

When I was at school I always used to study on my bed. Even at Uni, although when it came to designing I had to use my desktop so I had to get off my beloved cozy corner.

Today, even though I love how my home office looks like (and how comfortable it is), I will still grab every opportunity to relocate to my couch in the living room ( or sit on the floor on my sheepskins ) or the bedroom. My laptop is quite old and really slow so I have been using my ipad mini as a substitute to great effect. My ipad has everything and it is so mobile, I can honestly say I can not live without it. My only “problem” with it was that when I needed to type something lengthy, the native on screen keyboard would make it a tad difficult. I usually postponed this until I absolutely had to move from my cozy spot. 

Therefore it comes as no surprise that I had been eyeing external keyboards for my ipad for a while now and it comes as less of a surprise that Logitech had the perfect solution.

The Ultra Thin Keyboard for ipad mini and the Keys to go (for any ipad) are both great for me for different reasons.

The Ultra Thin Keyboard almost transforms my iPad mini into a tiny but very powerful laptop in more ways than one. Since all the covers are easily removable I can always use my iPad the way I want to with no restrictions. For when I want to attend a professional meeting this is my go to cover and keyboard at the same time. I can type while I am talking to my peers and at the end I can just slide my iPad down and close it just as I would with my laptop. Apart from being very comfortable to type and it’s great battery ( it will stay charged for 3 months and since I always turn it off I haven’t had to recharge it for 4 months now and the indicator is still green) , I really love how it looks! I would be lying if I said styling is not one of my top criteria a product has to meet before I purchase it and the Ultra Thin Keyboard has that in abundance. How sleek does it look in my photos above and below? I really like using iPad mini due to its size and the Ultra thin cover doesn’t add bulk to it at all. I can easily fit it in my small bag just as easily as without it.

When it comes to my other choise, the colorful bluetooth Keys to go, I think I have found a winner for my go to keyboard when I am at home or I just want to casually bring a keyboard with me wherever I go. The Keys to go keyboard is just as comfortable to use as the Ultra Thin Keyboard keyboard and since it is a tad bigger it will definitely accommodate even the most demanding users. I love that it is completely detached from my ipad which means I only have to take it out of my bag when I want to use it and otherwise remain hidden. At home it has a standard spot on my living room sofa table. I will type emails or anything lengthier that I might need at the moment leaving me with the choice to have the lightweight cover of my choice on my iPad. In many ways this is an ideal solution even for professional use. As an added bonus it is waterproof and it has already resisted various accidents on my coffee table.

It is very hard to choose between Ultra Thin Keyboard and the  Keys to go. Both are comfortable to type and their battery is equally great. Which one do you get first? I would definitely choose the Ultra Thin Keyboard for a more professional approach, if you wish to use your iPad mostly at work and the  Keys to go for when you want something more colorful and personal to use a little more sparingly at home and your outings. I personally love having both to cover my professional and my personal needs!

(This post is sponsored.All opinions are my own)

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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