Designer Spotlight : Introducing Hem

December 29, 2014

via Hem featured above : Bento Chair in Ash, Customized Hem table

Today I am very excited to introduce you to one of my recently discovered favorite : Hem.

Based in Berlin, Hem is a company that has caught the design worlds breath.

A truly global company their design team is in Stockholm, their product development is in Helsinki while their production team is based in Warsaw. Their product line includes furniture, lightning, accessories and what I think distinguishes them from other companies completely customized furniture with the quality signature of Hem

 Hem believes that design should be made easy. With their original designs ready to move into your home and your lifestyle they also understand that every space has different needs. So in addition they offer a fully customized line of furniture that allows for changes in width, height, depth, materials and colors for your storage solution, your wardrobe, your office, dining room or coffee or office tables. The possibilities are endless.

In their online space there is a really simple, yet intuitive tool to help bring to life your idea while still having the option to contact a designer. 

 via Hem featured above : Customized Storage

via Hem featured above : Customized Storage , Pal Stool in Ash

via Hem featured above : Customized Storage / Media Center

via Hem featured above : Table tops

via Hem featured above : Customized Shelf 

via Hem featured above: Kuu Lamp in black

While I love their completely customized line I find their original designs wonderfully enchanting. 

One of the most beautiful eye catching lamp, the Kuu lamps romantic aesthetic will fit in any room no matter its style. I particularly love the soft emitting light,it is ideal for any corner that needs a diffused light source.

As for their Key Side table, it is becoming fast a favorite of every interior design blogger.

via Hem featured above : Key Side table

Click here to peruse through their online store and see their design product range for yourself and spend some time customizing your ideas!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

2 comments on “Designer Spotlight : Introducing Hem”

  • Dagný Björg • Feel Inspired Blog says:

    I love hem and their products! At first they went by the name One Nordic but shortly after launching they changed it to Hem which I personally like better 🙂

  • Designer Beanbags Online Store says:

    Looking so cool collection of furniture you shared here and I love it.

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