Designer Spotlight : Introducing Esaila by Kenyon Yeh

November 9, 2014

 via Esaila by Kenyon Yeh

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

 What a better way to start a new week with some news on a new design brand named Esaila

Kenyon Yeh is behind the creative designer behind Esaila and if the name sounds familiar to you it’s because he is also the creator of the very coveted Yeh table for Menu (as seen below).

via Menu

Esaila is introducing now a collection of contemporary minimalist designs that we would expect from talented Kenyon Yeh, and it consists of small furniture, light fittings and other accessories.

The designs themselves in conjuction with the beautiful selection of alternative colors make for a great start and I think we can expect to see much more to come from Esaila in the future.

“The name Esaila derived from a Taiwanese colloquial ‘可以’, which means ‘be able to’, to reflect our ideology in our designs. We believe that a good design is a synthesis of commitment and determination in the pursuit of technical and aesthetic harmony yet retain a sense of lightness and quirkiness, such as in our everyday lives.”

And indeed Esaila does not disappoint in delivering exactly that. I find the designs intriguing yet approachable , easily fitting in almost every space. 

 I can see the Pinokio mirror and the Lipa side table in levander (although I am indecisive if I prefer the square or round top) in my house already.

Which one is your favorite?

All  of the above non tagged photographs on article courtesy of Kenyon Yeh for Esaila.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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