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October 8, 2014

Hello everyone!

Yes I know I haven’t been posting lately but I promise I will be back to business as usual as soon I return back home to Norway 🙂

For now I am going to fill you in with some news about what I have been doing lately and links so do read on if you are interested!

As you already know I am still in Greece finishing my degree and I don’t think I have had a moments of peace and quiet until today. I was expecting the presentation to be mid to end of November but I just found out yesterday that it’s actually late October! Bummer. I have been planning to do a lot of things in between but now I have literally only time for studying. Good news however is that I will be back home a month earlier so hey not everything is as bad as it seems!

I have been knitting before I sleep as a way to relax and I am loving it! I started with this amazing stitch that is so beautiful and easy called Raspberry or Trinity Stitch. If you know how to knit the link is a Youtube video and it’s how I learned how to do it myself! The pot looks amazing don’t you think?

While here I have been busy with some interviews so if you want to know more about my style and my home you can check both! So click below for each one and you get bonus points for spotting  photos I have yet to post on my blog 🙂

 Lovely Marta made a feature about me at iBoligen.dk and although it’s in Finnish google translator works amazingly for those that don’t know the language! Thank you Marta for translating and featuring me!

⏩ I answered questions also for lovely Tara and you can read the interview at estMagazine and this one is in English. Thank you sweet Tara for featuring me as well!

I can’t wait to get back to Norway and now that the first shock of earlier presentation has set in I am so excited to be back so much sooner than I originally expected! Here’s to looking forward to Xmas holidays hopefully this time with 10 times as much snow as last year!

I will leave you with some snaps from my Instagram, I am very much active there for those that wish to have regular updates about me!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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