Sunday Mood : 20 Facts About Me

September 14, 2014

What can be better than a Sunday morning in bed? With hot chocolate and whatever relaxes you. I made a “20 facts about me tag” on Instagram and I thought I would share it on my blog as well. I have to warn you though it is not your typical list. In fact I hardly enjoy reading such lists since I mostly find them completely unimaginative. I mean if you include on your 20 facts that you love life or that you love your family I gather that you are either an insanely boring person or you had to make this list at gunpoint. 

Scroll down for a few facts about me that you might not know! And yes I do love life and my family and my cat and I love to be happy and for the world to have peace

 Who doesn’t??

1. I am not a morning person. At all. Therefore I love living in Norway during winter.

2. I am not a coffee person either. All the coffees I post on Instagram are 5% coffee and 95% milk-foam-cream-flavor-syrup-chocolate-nutella-ice cream, in short anything that will make it look smell and taste like a dessert.

3. It should come as no surprise that my absolute favorite drink is chocolate. If you want to offer me something I can’t say no to just give me a hot chocolate. Enters my Tassimo for a quick type of machine vendor chocolate. It is the first thing I search in hotels if they happen to have one. 

4. Of course I love hotels. But I prefer small family ones 40 rooms tops. Few of my favorite hotels are chateaux in rural UK. If I could live in a hotel for half the year I would be just as happy as someone living in their dream house.

5. I have never been camping and I don’t think I will like it. I mean I just said I love hotels. I am all about comfort. You could trick me into a night of being out and about but you have to promise me I will sleep comfortably.

6. I just finished watching Once upon a time.I firmly believe they should have wrapped the show on season three.Will watch the new episodes regardless. 

7. I am a huge fan of Apple products but I don’t own an iMac or MacBook.Yet. It is mainly because Autocad didn’t work on Macs for a long time so I started off with Windows pcs instead. Now that it does I see no reason why not go Mac. As soon as my laptop dies! 

8. I used to have an iPad and I didn’t see the point when iPad mini came out.I fell in love with it when I held it on my hands and since then we are inseparable. 

9. I hate that the new iPhones are getting bigger.I love stashing my phone in my back pocket and I need it to be small. 

10. I spend half of my morning in bed watching what’s in my bag YouTube videos and night routines.My iPad run out of battery. 

11. Speaking of which I try to clean my face with my Clarisonic ( Mia 2 in pink) every night.Total times I used it last 14days? Zero. At this point I have to tell you that it does work however, its an absolute miracle for cleaning pores. I am just lazy and don’t use it as much as I should.

 12. Which leads me to believe all these night routines videos are all fake.I can barely wash my face and brush my teeth, are you actually telling me you spend an hour cleaning your face before you sleep? 

13. I do realize however that we can’t stay young forever therefore I started training rather intensely. 

14. My best friend is an amazing personal trainer and she is trying her best to put me in the right path. 

15. I think I drifted away when I ate about half a chocolate cake yesterday. Remember what I said earlier about chocolate?

16. I love chocolate. Of any kind in any form. If you don’t just unfollow me right now. 

17. I also love Chinese take out. The dirtier the better.Sorry Jamie Oliver I dont think your Chow Mein is better than my dirty take out. It is good for what it is. A healthier version of it. But right now I dont go for healthy when it comes to chinese take out. 

18. I love meat probably more than chocolate. Savory or sweet? Savory all the way. I think I say that because I know I can eat a dessert after lunch however. If you take this choice away I might not have an answer to this question.

 19. I always carry mints and caramels in my bag. My favorite flavor for caramels is butter. 

20. I don’t always carry a bag. In fact I mostly don’t.

Hope you had a great Sunday!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

2 comments on “Sunday Mood : 20 Facts About Me”

  • Ombia says:

    I want that cream right now! Good point, those lists about somebody are usually really common and boring LOL. I am also not a morning person, but how Norway helps? To me it would help to live in some country with lots of sun and that in the morning. But I don't live in a country like that. I hate camping and love hotels too.And will switch to Mac as soon as my laptop gets tired…also not liking that iphones become bigger. Unfortunately I spend my mornings at work and am thinking for a while now to try Clarisonic. I also strongly believe that you need no more then five minutes to clean your face. Eccept one is working in the colliery.I would love to have a personal trainer, what are you training?Without a bag where do you put your purse, hand cream, umbrella? Or better to ask – do you work outside of your home? Greetings from one 100% espresso person.:-)

    • Katerina says:

      It was fantastic cream instead. I had to pay for it with 3 hours at the gym today so honestly I am not sure it was worth it lolNorwegian winter is very dark, the sun doesnt rise before 9 and its almost completely dark around 4! So its ideal for me :) I am in Greece for a few weeks now and the sun is really not helping me but since I grew up here at least I tolerate it!Clarisonic is amazing. I have had it for almost 3 years now and everytime I wash my face it leaves it remarkably clean. And yes you are right it shouldnt take more than 5 minutes but I am incredibly iffy when it comes to water running down my elbows lol When it comes to my PT I am just trying to get in shape and loose those extra kg so I just do repetitions, aerobic and pilates! Now about my bag? Depends! All I need really is my phone my keys and some money either cash or my card! Not the most ideal way to go around but I almost always end up like this lolMy respects for loving coffee, I wish I did too!!! :)

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