In my Bedroom

September 2, 2014

New things are making their way into my old bedroom in an attempt to make it more homey.
I had to move from my previous space so no more shelves for me! I am going to be spending some weeks here but since it’s my last long stay in Greece I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can  and having to change my accommodations doesn’t really bother me at all 🙂

How do you like the Muuto dots as a hanging solution next to my bed? Or the beautiful Bright Sprout pendant Nordic Tales send to me a few days ago? I love the subtle red cord it gives a bit of color that my grey white bedroom needs! It was so hard to choose between colors, the pendant is completely customization with a variety of colors for the cords and wooden bodies but that’s a story for another day , very soon I promise!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

(This post is sponsored by Nordic Tales. All opinions are my own)

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