Dining Chairs Roundtable – Hay.Vitra.Muuto.

September 12, 2014

Muuto | Hay | Vitra 

My favorite dining chairs. This post is more of a reminder for me than anything else. I am planning on buying new dining chairs and these are the ones I mainly have my eye on. I love all the colors exactly as seen above. I think mixing them up and not getting four of the same will look even better as well! I know a lot of people are using the Eames DSW from Vitra and of course so do I, but since I moved to Norway all the Nordic designs are resonating with me so much. It is therefore inevitable to love the Visu Chairs by Muuto and About a Chair by Hay as well! 

Tough choices ahead, especially when the array of colors and fabrics are so great.

Which ones would you choose?

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

3 comments on “Dining Chairs Roundtable – Hay.Vitra.Muuto.”

  • Charlotte Rigby says:

    Oooh, I'd be happy with any of them! The hay chairs look the comfiest and love the colours of the muuto ones!

  • Decor Hunter / Sandra L says:

    i would choose the Hay ones they look cool, clean lines and strong for those visits on the heavy side… i live on Puerto Rico and really love all your pics and style even thou everything here is dark mahogany and rattan�� and i have everything white and people dont get it jajaja … ill keep and eye on you for regrams on my IG and FB page Ciao!!

  • Dagný Björg • Feel Inspired Blog says:

    Love them all but I would go for a mix of Hay and Muuto, all grey tones peraps?

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