Dining Chairs Conundrum

September 12, 2014

For a while now I have wanted to change our living room TV ( I have my eye on this white Samsung) but I can’t possibly warrant such a change when the current one is working flawlessly. And even more since there are other priorities like getting some dining chairs to replace our old ones. 

Four Eames DSW would be amazing but I would love to mix them up with two About a Chair by Hay. It would make the whole set up more affordable and also give it a little bit more character as well. For now I can only plan from afar and miss the cozy times I spend on my sofa cuddling with a soft blanket while re-watching The Tudors.

Do you have any shows that you keep re-watching? 🙂 

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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