My Nespresso Coffee corner spot

June 8, 2014

Today’s post is about my coffee corner in the living room/home office. 

It shares the same wall as the kitchen so I tend to think of it as part of it. 

This corner is not only amazingly comfortable for us but it seems that is also loved by all of you. It is by far the reason of most of mails that I receive and also the photos I see randomly on pinterest not to mention that it gets the most features! I was so delighted to see it featured in Apartment Therapy!

Another question I get frequently is about these great transparent double glass cups. 

We love them so much we currently have 6 in medium size. They are the Pavina thermocups from Bodum and they are great for cold or hot beverages!

The coffee machine is from Nespresso  the CitiZ&Milk model. My boyfriend bought it a couple of years ago and although it is very comfortable to use we sort of can’t wait for it to break so we can replace it with a bigger actual espresso machine. I will have to give every credit to Nespresso though for making it very difficult for us to justify buying a new while the old one still works perfectly.

It is really easy to create a space like this in a corner of your living room. I love the idea of replacing the little library with an IKEA trolley that I will probably paint white. I think it will fit this corner better and I will finally be able to put this little library under the stairs where it was its original place!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

2 comments on “My Nespresso Coffee corner spot”

  • Rocio @ Casa Haus says:

    I love how this little corner looks in your office Katerina! I'm so excited to have you in Little Haus Magazine's upcoming issue, your photos and spaces are amazing!!!!!Kisses from Mexico 😉

    • Katerina says:

      Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful magazine! I can't wait for it to be on my issue feed! ♥Lots of hugs

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