Living Room – Before and After ( Living in your space )

June 7, 2014

In between adding new furniture and hanging the pendant lights there is this. A little bit of a mess. A little bit of disorder. And of course, teas and mobile devices everywhere while blankets are just dropped left and right. Even so Photoshop has a way of portraying mess in a very attractive way.

While I prefer my living room looking like it is always ready for a photoshoot (you can see what I mean here for example) it will almost never reach its true potential. 

Almost? Try never. Unless you clean and organize before you sit and after you get up from the couch. 

How can your living room be impeccable when you actually live in it? I am trying to make it look better by organizing it as much as I can. Baskets for blankets I don’t use and when there is a blanket on the couch I will drape in a way that it looks like it naturally looks amazing. 

Sheepskins at the end of the couch are also a great idea. They give a warm feeling on the couch and while they are comfy to sit in the most important part is that you can lay your feet without thinking how dirty the couch might get. A sheepskin is always easy to clean.

I will be adding shelves behind the couch as well when I return home. It will be so much easier to organize the room and with a couch as big or even bigger than mine you need that space to leave your cup and that extra book. Also all those remotes you don’t really use? A box will hide them effectively but they will always be within an arms reach. 

The Ferm Living baskets are proving great as well. By adding lids on them they masquerade as side tables while storing all your extra pillows or blankets or anything you might want to store in them. 

If I was in Norway I would take photo of a “live in” version of the room as is today as opposed to how it looked few months ago. But I will still compare them anyways because I hate it when people think that how you make your space look for a photograph is how it is everyday!

This is the same corner. Enjoy :)

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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