This months favorite : Steelseries Siberia Elite Review

May 8, 2014

 For those that follow me know that I love my Siberia V2 headphones. I feature them quite a lot in many photos exactly because they fit my space and my style. ( You can see them hereherehere, and  here among others. ) It’s not wonder I would probably love the new Siberia Elite, but nothing prepared me for how much.

 Suffice it to say I use my headphones a lot so I feature them  a lot. They are so very comfortable on your head and the sound is great. 

One thing you don’t know about me is that I quite the gamer.For most of you this will not really mean anything but lets say that you need a really top quality headphone pair with a microphone to communicate with your team while in game. It is no wonder I chose the Steelseries Siberia V2 over two years ago and I have yet to regret it. To this day they are as good as new, as much in appearance as well in sound and microphone performance. 

When Steelseries offered to send me their new Siberia Elite I thought it would make a great replacement for my V2 that I could now give to my boyfriend since his Logitech one had just broken. 

 I thought the two headphones would be pretty similar but the Elite gives you an experience that you just don’t want return from if your budget allows you to.

There are many reviews that will let you know about all the technical side of these great headphones. 

I want to keep it simple and to the point.

The sound is just great. The headphones come with their own usb sound card that lets you customize perfectly how they sound and offers a dolby 7.1 surround option. Unique experience. Noise cancellation works perfectly. I could not listen to a single sound from outside sources nor my boyfriend yelling at me from just beside me to take them off so he could try them too. I am travelling back to Greece in a few days so I will let you know how they fared up in the airplane.

The microphone is amazing. As always it rolls inside the headset for when you don’t need it and as bonus it lights up when it’s muted. Now you can just touch the sides of the headphones in order to easily  mute it.  Even if  you don’t use this for gaming, all your skype contacts will love you for it.

And aside from all the great things that make Siberia Elite so much enjoyable there is my personal favorite which is purely for vanity reasons. The design of the headset is impeccable and the materials used give you immediately a feeling of luxury. From the aluminum parts (hello Apple lovers) to the leather cups that sit so comfortably on your ears. The cups also illuminate in any combination of a 16.8M color spectrum. It can be static or colors can rotate in intervals you set and in various combinations. While most will treat it as an added bonus for me since I use the headset as a prop in so many of my photos, the fact that I can control its color makes me smile with glee. 

Don’t they look so stylish sitting on the tree stand?

//Sponsored post. All opinion are my own.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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