Kitchen Details and Interior tips for making your space feel and look great!

May 21, 2014

A corner of my kitchen in Norway. I love details and some accessories can really elevate a space. Never mind the fact that shopping for them and later using them is an added delight. I can spend hours browsing shops thinking of how I can combine and set things up and I can never resist taking photos of such great designs!

A lot of people might think that having a well design space is a privilege kept only for magazine photographs or showcase houses of any sort. 

This is one of the greatest misconceptions. 

Living in a beautiful space is easily achieved if you put a little bit of personal effort into it and the rewarding feeling is quite amazing. Imagine sleeping and waking up every day in a newly set bed with fresh soft linens and you will easily understand the reasoning behind how great that will make you feel. With so much inspiration on the internet today it’s easier than ever to research and plan a way to improve your space in a few easy steps. Planning on a budget is always frustrating but it is also well worth the effort. 

A new rug, freshly painted dining chairs, some posters on the walls, crates for decoration or storage, I could list so many ideas here that cost so little but have a great impact on your home. Living in a beautiful space will elevate your mode, it will make you feel more relaxed and happy and your life will be so much better as a result. 

A personal tip. Vacuum regularly. This has nothing to do with interior design but having as clean floors as possible will always result in making your house look the least messy. Even when all the extra blankets and pillows are thrown all around your bedroom or living room 🙂 

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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