Bedroom headboard and above the bed shelf ideas

May 18, 2014

Hello from Greece!

Even though I miss my home in Norway I realized how much I had missed Greece only a few hours ago when I went for a walk/run and the warm breeze made feel like I was in a tropical location.

While this might sound amazing what wasn’t amazing was stepping into my old bedroom only to find it in a state. It seems that over the last few months my bedroom was turned into an extra storage room and I am now left trying to clean up the mess so I can at least sleep and live in for the next couple of weeks.

Oh the joy.

 The first thing I did was halfway empty the shelf above my bed so I can utilize its space again. (Unfortunately the rest of the room will be very difficult to empty so I will have to live in a small space within that I will create for myself.) The shelf is really great for dropping on what you use frequently.My phone,ipad a cup of tea or water will always be on there when not in use. I am so used of having such a space above my head that I will be recreating it in some way for my bedroom at home.   

Our bed doesn’t have a headboard and while I love some ideas for headboards I think I will prefer creating a solution that will incorporate both of my ideas. A shelf that will also work as a headboard! While I was happily pinning one day ( I have quite a selection of bedrooms in my HOME▲BEDROOM board  to serve as inspiration) I actually run into the exact design I had in my head in one of Anu’s from Decor Dots pins. As you see in the photo below the trick will be to create a sturdy enough extension of the wall to serve as a shelf and a headboard at once. Expect to see this soon in my newly renovated norwegian bedroom!

Image via Brooke Holm

Hope you have a great week!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

6 comments on “Bedroom headboard and above the bed shelf ideas”

  • Julia Konya says:

    I like the shelf as a headboard a lot

  • Noor says:

    I love that shelf and I think it makes the room look great.

    • Katerina says:

      It creates so much more space in such an elegant way! I was so surprised to see exactly what I had imagined right in front of me, made it so much easier to show my boyfriend how great it would look 🙂

  • Anu says:

    Oh, I can imagine hoe you felt when you discovered your room had turned into a sort of storage room 🙁 And I think I know what it is to live with restricted space. I'm also currently in my parents house with my love and our little son and my former bedroom is here only about 10m2. Of course we use the rest of the house together with my parents, but we sleep and keep all our stuff in this tiny room…As for headboard/shelf – I think it's a really good 2in1 solution and will definitely look fab in your new bedroom!

    • Katerina says:

      Oh I knew it was turned into a mini storage room but I was shocked to the extend of it. My mom made it look like it was just a few things from the phone so I was in for a big surprise when I got back. The worst though? That half of my things were in boxes or completely relocated around the house so now every time I need something I have to go into a digging expedition haha It would be ok for a few days but since I had to come back for a couple of weeks its quite tough. I can completely relate to you although having a baby too I think is even harder! One thing to have your own things left and right but babies need so much!! I hope you are soon able to live on your own bigger space sweetheart! ♥ Lots of love from Greece 🙂

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