Styling with Marble

April 6, 2014

Few posts ago I shared my April home wishlist regarding interior products and one of them was the Hay marble tray. My boyfriend surprised me with the white marble cutting board/tray from House Doctor a few weeks ago which inspired me to get even more into the marble decoration. When it comes to interiors the subtle pattern of marble adds a unique touch that is rarely surpassed by any other material.

( Scroll down for funny behind the scenes photos )

In the photos for this post today I paired the marble tray with simple white drinkware and ceramic utensils along with a few spring buds. I love simple designs for glasses, cups and dishes, having a few neutral pieces will always help with styling any table! 

This tray is now permanently on the coffee table. I prefer placing things on it rather than directly on the table, especially when it comes to having breakfast. As an added bonus the result is a very stylish table setting without really putting any effort in it! 

In my case the effort is concentrated on trying to wave away my kitty Milo when taking photos. How does she always manage to be there is beyond me. I can only presume that photographing is very appealing to her or she is overly curious like every other kitty.

After I managed to convince Milo there is nothing of interest on the table I finally had time to enjoy my breakfast. Hope everyone had a great Sunday!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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