How to Dye Eggs With Whipped Cream

April 16, 2014

 This year I wasn’t planning on dying eggs however I was instantly intrigued by this way I found while browsing around on Pinterest. Instead of using any chemicals or elaborate methods that take a whole day to dye a dozen of eggs, this one only needs some whipping cream and a few drops of food coloring! 

The results are by far my favorite. The eggs look like a beautiful water colored painting! 

Scroll below for the method and photos of how to dye your eggs with whipped cream!

I used a dozen of eggs as they are more than enough since we are only two people. The beauty of this method is trifold.

1. By using whipping cream and food coloring the eggs are completely safe to eat.

2. Time needed from start to finish is less than half an hour with preparation.

3. You can dye multiple dozens of eggs in the same time frame.

With all these pros plus the fact that the eggs look absolutely beautiful I don’t think I will ever use a different method of dying them ever again. 

How to Dye Eggs With Whipped Cream


1. 1 large tub of  whipped cream 

2. Food coloring in different colors. (Gel works better resulting in a brighter egg)

3. Boiled white eggs

4.White Vinegar 


1. Hard boil your eggs and let them cool completely

2. Fill a baking dish or any porcelain dish with the whipped cream.

3. Drip food coloring all over the whipped cream.

4. Using the toothpick swirl the whipped cream to combine the colors slightly.

5. Place the eggs in the whipped cream and gently roll once so the entire egg is covered.

6. Let your eggs sit for 10-30 minutes depending on how bold you would like the colors.

7.Remove  your eggs from the whipped cream using gloves and rinse them quickly under cool water.

8. Let them dry on a paper towel and your eggs are ready!

Tip : If you want the colors to look even more vibrant follow these steps before you submerge them into the whipping cream.

  1. Pour vinegar into a bowl and submerge the eggs in vinegar for about 2 minutes. Remove from vinegar and dry with a paper towel.
  2. Add a couple of drops of vinegar into the food coloring before you start dripping it onto the whipped cream.

I like my eggs with less vibrant colors as you see above but if you prefer them less pale than mine using vinegar will brighten the colors considerably!

Try this method once and I promise you, you will never look back again!

Happy Easter!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

14 comments on “How to Dye Eggs With Whipped Cream”

  • Ane says:

    So so lovely Katerina! As always. You are such an inspiration! Wishing you a happy Easter holiday. Hugs from Ane (ane_h_) :-)

    • Katerina says:

      Hello lovely Ane!! So nice to see you here as well :) I was surprised at how easy this is I called my mom to tell her and she let me know that when I was little we used to do that with yogurt instead! How can I have forgotten :) I just love the results really and the fact they are so easy to make is a double bonus!Have a happy Easter as well!Lots of hugs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Très belle idée et très bon résultat, j'adore!!! Bonnes Pâques! Bisous

    • Katerina says:

      Merci beaucoup, c'est un moyen facile et amusant de la peinture des oeufs comme ça ! J'ai oublié mon français complètement, je suis désolé! Bisous!!

  • Har en drøm says:

    Så kult!Og så fine de ble:))

  • Julie Blanner says:

    I really love this! Such a creative idea. My little ones would love the whipped cream part. Thanks for the inspiration!Coordinately Yours, Julie

    • Katerina says:

      I did try the whipping cream but it doesn't taste as nice with all that coloring in unfortunately. I don't think it's bad for the body but it's definitely not tasty. But yes I do think doing this project with kids is going to be fun! It's fast and they will be so happy with the results and they get to at least lick the spoons :) Good luck!

  • Dawn E says:

    True whipped cream and not a whipped topping? Wasn't sure from your use of the phrase "a tub of whipped cream."

    • Katerina says:

      Hello Dawn! You can use anything you want just remember the egg shell absorbs everything so if you want to eat it later you still want to use something that is safe to eat. My mom makes this with yogurt, but she is Greek and in Greece we have so much of it. Others even use shaving cream for this! But honestly I wouldn't eat it afterwards :)

  • pam harris says:

    I passed up egg coloring this year as I just wasn't finding anything new and interesting to try. And then i found your beautiful post!!! And I am definitely going to have to give this a try. Certainly i love the results here! I prefer working with blown eggs – save them from year to year – and I am thinking that they would play quite nicely in the whipped cream and no need to weigh down as is necessary in a liquid. They probably have a specific gravity similar to whipped cream so would remain suspended while absorbing color! Thank you so much for this post!

    • Katerina says:

      Hi Pam!I didn't have brown eggs but I think that they will indeed play nicely! There are many ways of dying with whipped cream, but all of them involve quite a lot of time and effort. Rolling the egg into the cream then putting it on a rack etc. While I am not opposed to that I found that the way I describe above requires the least amount of effort and to be honest I am loving the results! I love the pale colors so much!Do let me know if you try it I would love to see the results!Happy Easter :)Hugs

  • Alexia says:

    Can't wait to try these later! I live in France and it is impossible to find white eggs (all brown here). I hope the result is as nice as yours. Yesterday we blew out the content of the eggs and washed them. I love to do my easter projects with emptied eggs so I can keep them longer and I don't eat any chemical products. Tonight we will dye them. Fingers crossed!

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