Green Spring Inspiration

April 25, 2014

Decorating with greens for spring is the easiest way to make a dull corner look great!

It’s easy and it takes little to no time to set up 🙂

Scroll down for tips on how!

Make a green statement piece in your Living Room

  1. Start with a lot of either transparent or non transparent vases. Anything that can hold water will do, even your favorite glasses or test tubes! I chose clear vases,jugs,test tubes and pots for my composition but you can always make it a bit more colorful by choosing either an array of colors for your vases or go darker with clay or other materials.
  2. If your vases are clear fill them up with less than 1/3 of water. The result is much more pleasing to the eye and the greens only get water from the lowest point so they won’t suffer.
  3. You can of course buy plants but I used a few twigs from bushes and trees just outside my house and a few leaves from a green plant that is in the living room.
  4. Start by placing your vases next to each other and play with your composition until you reach a balance of filled with empty space. Remember you can always try to combine them into virtual triangles to simplify the process.
  5. For a more impressive result you can add a tray like I did above or place some of the vases on books,boxes or even a wooden cutting board! The choices are limitless when it comes to styling but for this specific composition keeping it simple will result in a bigger statement.
  6. Add something on the wall will give some extra definition to your project. I chose some of my favorite photos from the blog.

Have fun with your project, it takes very little time to set up and the flowers will last at least for a week!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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