Dining Room Sneakpeak

April 13, 2014

As the redecoration of the house is coming along, time has come to move to the dining room.

It is probably the easiest space in most houses and the table was something we bought early on.

However we kept the previous chairs to keep the cost low and Milo has tore through them. It is funny because she has left every other furniture of the house intact, from the lounge chairs to the sofa to our bed. 

Even when we do get new chairs (I am thinking of course of the Eames DAW chairs in either white or black), I will still keep some of those old ones around for her to keep polishing her claws. 

In other news Easter is getting closer and closer and yet another year went by without me decorating for it.

I have an idea though for something that will definitely bring some of the holiday spirit at home and will also last long after Easter is gone. Keep any eye for it in my next few posts!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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