Morning Coffee in my Coffee Nespresso Corner

March 19, 2014

Ever since I created this Nespresso Coffee nook near our home office I have been waiting for signs of us getting tired of it. Some cleaning or some maintenance outside the kitchen is always expected to be tiresome, and even though there is nothing better than smelling the fresh coffee just inches away from where you work, I originally thought this wouldn’t last past it’s first month. 

Boy was I wrong.

This corner is so self sufficient that it barely needs any upkeep at all. We only refill the coffee machine with water and bring some cups to fill the crate when there are none left. There is no cleaning needed or any other maintenance whatsover. I chalk it up to the Nespresso machine being as self sufficient as  is it however the credit here is not mine.

From the many combinations of coffee I can make my choice today was an espresso con panna. Usually served in a bigger cup however the idea only dawned on me after the fact so I just improvised and served it with my new favorite Belgian waffle cookies.  

Doesn’t it look mouthwatering? Even as I write this post I have already a new one brewing just inches away from me. I honestly cannot imagine how to start a better morning that this.

( Did I mention I woke up to a scenery fully covered with snow? Simply amazing! )

Hope you have a great day!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

9 comments on “Morning Coffee in my Coffee Nespresso Corner”

  • Anu says:

    Looking these pictures make me go to kitchen (we don't have such a great coffee corner in our home) and make myself a cup of latte! :)And we also have snow today, I think that even more than in winter months!

    • Katerina says:

      Our kitchen itself is really in a desperate need of renovation, it was one of the main reasons I decided to create this coffee corner to begin with! I love so many of the components you see on the coffee corner but they were hidden away in the kitchen cabinets or dark corners. You should also try to find a similar cozy nook trust me its easier than it looks :)*hugs*

  • Sacha Lee says:

    Love the little striped utensil holder. Any chance that you will share where its from?

    • Katerina says:

      It's from one of my favorite ceramic pieces from Tine K Home 🙂 The colors might vary a little and the mold since they are all hand made and hand painted!

  • Tania says:

    I have a coffee/tea corner too. Coffee/tea implements are the only things I leave out. All other appliances are put away when not in use. Also have a nespresso and love it. Pretty pieces and pics.

    • Katerina says:

      Thank you! I didn't this this would work but it has for more than a month now. So we are keeping it! It takes little to no upkeep really 🙂 But you 're right, I keep all my tea must haves in the kitchen

  • Anonymous says:

    Lovely post with beautiful pictures.I believe the waffles are dutch and called 'stroopwafels' they are a real treat!Regards Colinda

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a Nespresso too and just put together a little coffee station in my apartment. The espresso con panna looks delicious! would you mind sharing how you make it? 🙂

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