I dream of a Macbook

March 30, 2014

I dream of a Macbook. 

While I rearrange my house ( do you do this as often as I do? ) and while my PC is held hostage at Toshiba service ,I am trying to give myself reasons not to impulsively buy myself a new Mac. It’s late at night and sometimes night works like alcohol , it just lowers your inhibitions and clouds your judgement. 

I try to buy things I need when I actually need them but having to work on an old laptop that takes 30 seconds to just right click is not making things any better. But I can’t justify getting myself a new mac when hopefully in few days my old pc will be back home. Can I? :)

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2 comments on “I dream of a Macbook”

  • Lucie Carpentier says:

    That happened to me 2 years ago… My partner was the one to convince me… I took some of the savings I had made for a very long trip and I went to buy an iMac… I have been much happier on a daily basis ever since :) I left for that big trip that took 5 months and was so happy to find it again when I came back! A mac will last at least 5 years… :)

    • Katerina says:

      Unfortunately my boyfriend is vehemently against ever getting a mac of any kind so unless I find myself without a pc at all, I will have to postpone buying a mac. Hopefully not for too long! :) At least my monitor is mac ready hehe

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