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March 24, 2014

Yesterday I spend the whole morning in bed. And then some.

The sun was shinning outside and I finally got a few hours to spend on my favorite online magazines and catch up with my social media. Read down below for tips on how to manage your Instagram!

It’s strange how when I started up with Instagram I used to check it up every half an hour whereas now I have to dedicate time to catch up with my favorites. Fortunately numerous iPad apps make this task surprisingly easy ( although I do wish Instagram itself would incomporate all these as well ). Below you will find my favorites!

Padgram for iPad

With Padgram you can subscribe to different users and when they upload a photo, a number  on the right side of their name on your list will indicate how many. I don’t follow as many but having to keep up with 300+ accounts can be quite the task. This way I can go through all the new photos of my favorites without feeling I lost an update. Another great feature of Padgram is that it allows you to hide photos from specific users from your timeline. You can reinstate them at any given time so don’t worry it is not permanent. I usually hide accounts that I don’t specifically care for day to day updates like brands or stores and instead subscribe them into a list. This way at the end of the week I can go through their updates and check if there are any interesting news in a flash. Of course the official Instagram app is still there and I can go through my normal steam as always. Padgram will also let you subscribe in hashtags so you can sub in your favorite one without having to follow multiple accounts! Last but not least with Padgram you can download separately or a batch of photos on your iPad in full resolution. 


Instafollow is an app that will primarily help you keep track of new followers and allow you to see who unfollowed you as well. This alone is great for keeping track of your daily and monthly Instagram growth. However, and this is my favorite part, it will also keep a track of all activity in your account showing you lists of who is commenting more, who likes your photos, who never comments or likes ,ghost followers etc. If you have more than 1000 followers in Instagram and you want to keep interacting with them this is a great way of achieving your goal. Knowing who comments the most will help you keep track with the people you feel you don’t want to neglect by mistake.


Which brings me to my most recent favorite app MyCommenter. If your Instagram has enough traffic you will soon realize that its section where all your liked photos with all new comments you receive has also a specific number it will show before it stops. I have missed quite a lot of comments like this simply because they disappeared before I had a chance to even see them even if I was checking hourly. This app will sort your photos and show you only the comments you haven’t replied to. You can reply right through the app and for multiple comments that makes the whole procedure even easier. Unfortunately there is no app yet to help you with the comments where your name in mentioned in someone elses stream. I do hope we will get one soon. Until then the best way to notify someone is tag them on the photo you upload! Tags never get lost and they have a separate page so it’s easy to keep track of them.

I don’t have any apps for collages, inserting text on your photos, enhancing your photos or any other editing program. I exclusively edit my photos on Photoshop on my PC before I post them. I have the official Photoshop app for iPhone/iPad but I almost never use it.

Hope this guide helps you out a little when it comes to managing your Instagram!

If you have any tips on this subject please do leave a comment below I would love to know of more ways to make this even easier!

Have a great week!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

10 comments on “How to organize your Instagram with apps / best Instagram apps”

  • Ivelina says:

    These are all very helpful apps esp the one keeping track of all comments as they get lost very fast :/ I will try to find similar ones for Android!I do recommend you an amazing photo editing app: Snapseed… it is probably the best and easiest for touch ups esp if you want your photos brighter with more contrast and control over saturation

    • Katerina says:

      I think all apps on iPhone also appear on Android if not I hope for some similar because these are so helpful to me! I just installed snapseed and I was wowed! I didn't expect so much utility in an app it's really great, thank you Ivelina! I even compared the results in some of my photoshopped images, for an app that is supposed to work on the go it's really delivering I will definitely end up using it for photos like the ones above for example!Lots of hugs 🙂

  • Anu says:

    I'll go and check out these apps, fingers crossed there are Android versions available! I'm new in Instagram and I can still easily keep up with my favorites using the original app, but as I really really like Instagram I'm sure I'll need something more advanced soon. I also wanted to recommend you Snapseed that Ivelina already did, I'm really satisfied with it's possibilities and it's really user-friendly 🙂

    • Katerina says:

      I was very surprised when I installed it! I already used it for one of my twitter photos earlier it is very user friendly with a lot more capabilities than apps normally provide and on top of all that its free as well! Really great suggestions for editing on the go thank you ladies! ♥

  • Julia Konya says:

    I love Instafollow

    • Katerina says:

      It's a nifty app for more reasons than one 🙂 I love the engagement packs and it's really not expensive at all!

  • Michelle Halford says:

    I use Instafollow, and have just installed MyCommenter, thanks to you! I definitely need help keeping on top of comments/replies and this is genius! x x

  • Curetz says:

    Hello dear, I'd like to say this was extremly helpful! I've always wondered what editing app you use, since your photos look brilliant to say the least! I wasn't surprised to find out it was photoshop, god bless the software.However I realized the way you take the pictures yourself is truly astonishing, you've got multiple talents hun!

  • Curetz says:

    Note: (photoshop as in the software in laptops, not in devices 😉

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