Twinings, Harney and Sons and Løv tea

February 7, 2014

Day two of the 5-2 diet (we only had one day in between) and I am starting it with my favorite chai latte. 

Even though I am an avid Twinings fan, lately several other tea companies are starting to hover on my tea radar. Løv organic tea has some amazing flavors and even if you don’t like tea as much can you really resist Harney&Sons Chocolate Mint or Hot Cinnamon Spice ? I wish they would ship for less than your left arm and leg in Norway or that there was a shop selling them locally. Maybe someone knows if there is any? If you do leave a comment below or email me I will be forever grateful!

Do you have any favorites of your own? I would love to know of other brands or even recipes for homemade tea. I had the most flavorful tea in a cafe in Athens few months ago but I can’t remember the exact ingredients. I definitely need to revisit and take notes.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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