February 5, 2014

Last few days I have been concentrating on updating my blog in regards of organisation so I have been a little slow on my updates. And while I have been buried deep into coding my Instagram account has reached 4000 followers! I am so humbled, thank you everyone for your love and support!

And while the winter continues without snow at least tulips always bring a feeling of softness with their cotton like look. I enjoy having a bouquet in the living room arranged in a few different clear vases. It makes the arrangement look so much more rich and when they eventually start dropping they still look like they were intentionally placed like that rather than giving the feel of having been there for too long.

There are a few great tips for retaining their slenderness for a larger amount of time that I use without fail.

1. Fill a tall, slender vase with water and add a floral preservative. Healthy tulips are likely to stand more erect than dehydrated, nutrient-deficient stems.

2. Recut the tulip stems at an angle about an inch from the bottom. Remove the foliage so none is submerged in water. Leave some foliage to help the tulips stand up.

3. Wrap the tulip stems tightly in plastic wrap, leaving the bottoms free to absorb water. Set the stems in the water for about five hours. Remove the plastic wrap and arrange them in the vase. This allows the tulips to absorb water, swelling the stems with water while erect.

4. Place the slender vase inside a bigger one if you prefer to use a bigger vase. You can also arrange more tulips around the slender vase inside the bigger one. This way you have tulips that are straighter and taller in the center and ones that droop along the outside.

5. Keep the tulips in a cool location and out of direct sunlight and drafts. Replenish the water frequently.

Have a lovely day!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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