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February 12, 2014

Yesterday I wrote a before and after post about my  home office space and noted how much  work in progress it always is. Honestly I don’t think it will ever finish but not due to lack of effort or resources. 

I believe that the space we live and even work in, needs to be as organic and flexible as possible.

Making this happen is easier than you think.

I can’t stress this enough, the first step in having a space you love working at is to declutter all the time.

While we work we tend to spread around us the things we use all the while bringing in new stuff as well.

So before you even think about decorating, start by adding things on your desk or below that will help you keep organized. Ask yourself questions such as for example, what do I use more often? What does my work require? Then how much storage space do I need?

By asking questions you make it easier for yourself to figure out what exactly you actually need versus what is already probably cluttering your desk. After you have made space for your essentials you need to remember that you also need space for everyday objects that come and go. Like a cup of coffee or a plate with a piece of cake. Your phone and/or your iPad. A magazine. Of course depending on how you answered above all of these things could be your essentials.

Few of my favorites

 As you can see on my desk I love to keep my colored pens ordered in an IKEA kitchen storage pot. Adding some candlelight is great for those dark winter afternoons so I keep some sort of candles around me. The Menu POV on the desk and on the wall are a very stylish way of achieving that.

A simple rubber tree I once bought from IKEA is serving as my go to hanging place for everything I don’t want to clutter my desk. Here I usually hang my headphones but also you will find watches or sunglasses I might not have removed upon entering the house.

I chose Muuto E27 pendant lamps as my main source of light that I have hanged from the ceiling.

I also will almost always have a coffee cup on my desk, my iPhone and iPad and most likely lately my 1kg dumbbells so I can quickly fit in some exercises for my arms while I am sitting for longer hours!

Free printables 

1. Calendar :

My moodboard consists of anything I love at the moment and usually some sort of calendar.

I recently created my own calendar from which I print every month in advance to hang in front of me.

You can find it here or just visit the link above the banner ! There are black and white versions for every month as well as a version for the whole year! 

2. Cross posters :

I made my own version of black and white cross posters that you can find here that I print on my own printer! 

The point of this exercise is to figure out your needs and address them. Then you can move on to the even more fun part that is decoration! I love changing my space all the time so I find that a mood board is a great way to dress up my wall plus it motivates me to keep looking for more inspiration.

I would love to see your home offices, just link me below or send me an email with any questions!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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