My Imperfect Perfect Home

February 2, 2014

(Scroll down for a before photo of the header)

Today I woke up eyelids heavy and energy deprived. I think it’s one of those days.

My mind is racing but my body is taking a break I guess.

I am not a person that needs coffee to wake up but a hot chocolate or tea is always appreciated until the fire is lit. I am sitting by the window with my iPad on hand leisurely browsing through my blog feed and Instagram. I love doing exactly that everyday although my location will vary. I love looking at my favorite bloggers photos. Their morning coffees, their recent flower arrangement, newly renovated kitchens or newly build homes! All beautiful photos accompanied by lovely words, my daily inspiration! 

I pray you know that while I love looking at beautiful photos for inspiration I know most of them are Photoshopped. That you understand how styling and light and a good camera can change completely a room. That my house gets dirty and messy and when I show you a beautifully styled corner if you turned the photo around you might as well see an accumulated mess that I don’t know what to do with. I hope you don’t feel you need to measure up or envy any Pinterest or blogger’s photos because their houses are as imperfect as yours if not even more. I hope you use Pinterest and Instagram and all the virtual beautifully styled spaces as inspiration sources and you don’t look at them as the perfect unattainable goal. 

Just enjoy reading the posts from your favorite bloggers and appreciate beauty wherever you can find it!

I will leave you with the unedited version of the photo above. Like it is right now in front of me.

Human eyes can be so deceiving. When I look at it in front of me right before I pick up my cup I see it as above. The camera disagrees. It is of course flawed. Our eyes are perfect :)

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

10 comments on “My Imperfect Perfect Home”

  • Anu says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and I couldn't agree more – beautiful styling and Photoshop can do wonders! And I'm really thankful that they can, because it's pure pleasure to look beautiful interior photos! But of course no-one shouldn't feel bad because their home doesn't look so perfect…PS. Absolutely love your photography!

    • Katerina says:

      You make me blush, thank you! I love when I get to find out new bloggers to follow through comments I have added you to my list already for my everyday inspiration :)Unfortunately lately I read a lot comments from people saying that they are tired of too "perfect" blogs and photos and that Pinterest has ruined how they look at their houses. I feel bad because so many people don't realize that editing a photo can do wonders and they are setting up too high expectations they cannot eventually live up to.. I hope more bloggers make posts like these with a before and after photo so people can see that nothing is perfect!*hugs*

    • Anu says:

      Oh, so happy that you like my little blog! :) I try to get to the point when I share more photos of my own home too, but right now I feel like it isn't quite ready yet. It's little bit hard to find time for redecorating when having a 8-month old to run after, but I try to give my best and hopefully can add more original content in the future!

    • Katerina says:

      Oh you should see my house it is far far from what anyone could call ready hehe The trick is to only shoot the angles you like! But I think your wonderful baby is probably the best time thief isn't it :) You are doing great though I don't know how I would be able to manage everything like you! *hugs*

  • Fleur says:

    Ah so true, and very insightful. I just recently started photography as a personal hobby, and always wondered why my photos never came out as crisp or light as the photos I always see on blogs. I have since learned that editing (even just brightness) can bring life to a photo! Keep on blogging; I just stumbled across this gem recently and I'm addicted to all the interior design, food, and especially the drinks (hot cocoa ftw)!!

    • Katerina says:

      Hot cocoa is my all time favorite! So many variations depending on what you add in it that can make my head spin hehe Lately I just enjoy it with milk foam straight from the frothing cup with a tiny pinch of cinnamon as seen above. It's simple but oh so good!There are so many people that only take photos with their phones or simple point and shoot cameras on auto so they don't know that a simple tweak on a photo such as saturation or brightness can change it completely! Never mind advanced techniques :) If you have any questions about photography I would love to help you start, send me an email with any questions :)

    • Fleur says:

      That sounds heavenly!! I think I might have to try that some time. Currently addicted to peppermint hot chocolate, but I should try mixing it up now and then! Thanks so much for the offer!! If I have any questions, I'll definitely keep that in mind and drop you an e-mail :) :)

    • Katerina says:

      You're welcome! I need to try the peppermint version as well!!*hugs*

  • Ivelina says:

    As usual, you are absolutely right!All those beautiful photos should serve to make us inspired and fill us with happy energy. But not once you start blogging you realise how difficult it is and how much effort it takes to post even 1 good photo.Thank you for the positive vibes :)

    • Katerina says:

      I couldn't agree more Ivelina! I can't count the times where I just don't have enough light to shoot the photos that I want! I more than doubly appreciate all the photos I see from my favorite bloggers after I started blogging myself :)*hugs*

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