My 5 Favorite Chairs Wishlist

February 28, 2014

A shoot for Elle Decoration UK from Hart & Co’s Glen Proebstel and Sharyn Cairns.

Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite chairs. 

It is also a wishlist as for now I have been concentrating in other house needs and I haven’t managed to purchase any of them. But as the house takes form it is actually better to wait a little while then get into serious furniture shopping.  

 Birch dowel base, Eames Wire Chair

This is easily one of my favorite chairs in this exact incarnation. I love the wire steel frame of every Eames chair that is out there but this particular one with the Birch dowel base is definitely number one on my list.

Birch base  Eames Wire Rocker Chair

So really it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my next favorite would be the rocker chair of the same series.

Both of these chairs are vintage and not sold in generic shops. It will take some time to hunt down one but the result will be very much worth it.

If you want a more affordable solution to these vintage beauties then I will wholeheartedly suggest any of the Eames chairs with plastic sitting like in the first image above. They are surprisingly comfortable to sit especially if you invest in a nice Icelandic sheepskin.

About a Chair, Hay

Hay is one of the Scandinavian brands that I adore. Their products can be found everywhere and are characterized by clean simple lines. The chair itself comes in a variety of colors to chose making it that much easier to integrate in every space.

Visu Chair , Muuto

The Visu Chair from Muuto is another of my favorites. It also comes in such a variety of colors and materials that it makes it very hard choosing just one. I love the simple wooden feel it provides and if I had to choose I would certainly just mismatch different colors even in the dining room. Do check it out you will be surprised by the incredible array of colors it comes in!

Raft Stool, &tradition by Norm Architects

Last but not least I will leave you not with a chair but with a stool. Although I am opening a whole other can of worms by doing so, call it my Architectural background I enjoy sitting on stools as much as chairs if not even more. I would gladly dress even a dining room with stools even though I get the feeling others wouldn’t appreciate it as much. However how about sitting on a counter, I can’t think of a better way to do so than the raft stool.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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  • Flor from Nordic Days Blog says:

    Good choices 🙂

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