How to unsuccessfully open a coconut

February 27, 2014

This morning I unsuccessfully cracked open my first coconut.

I put it in a bag an I used a hammer after I had drilled holes into the eyes of the coconut which is the most popular way of doing it over the internet.

I think in my humble opinion this is also one of the surest ways of destroying the coconut. Half of it shattered even though I only applied pressure around its equator and the milk was not salvageable. 

I still enjoyed all of it and I didn’t mind the small pieces but I wish I could have a machete at this point to crack this open right in the middle!

Regardless I used as much of the milk I could salvage in my coffee and ate some of it while the rest I plan on grating and roasting in the oven. Glorious roasted coconut shavings are going to be served on the afternoon with hot chocolate and whipped cream!

Do you know of a better way of opening a coconut? Or maybe I should just keep up with hammering it until I find the way to crack it open in half instead of shattering it!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

6 comments on “How to unsuccessfully open a coconut”

  • Anonymous says:

    hola katerinai always read your blog & follow you on pinterest, so i hope i could coconut help you out. i open & eat a fresh one pretty much everyday here in spain, so here's what i do: (i go outside on my balcony so theres no mess inside) i poke out an 'eye' & pour out the water (if it's too hard to poke out just continue with the water still inside) i hold/cup the coco around it's fatter middle part in the palm of my hand & with the BACK of a large knife i gently but firmly 'tap tap tap' all the way around it's fatter middle, all the while turning it round & round in the palm of my hand. keep tapping & turning until the sound changes from a high 'tap tap' to a low 'toop toop', then you know you're nearly in. continue more gently till it finally gives way & opens & you can pour out the water from the middle. you will have 2 even halves of coco. Then with a knife i just carve out chunks & eat.hope this helps. it will come with practice!best wishes to you♥ c a r O l i n a ♥

    • Katerina says:

      Hello Carolina!What a delight to wake to your comment and also a relief to read about an easy way of opening a coconut that doesn't involve hammering it to its death heheI will surely try this next time I have one, as a matter of fact I can't wait now heheThank you for your lovely coconudvice! I have been following your Pinterest for more than I can remember I immediately knew who you were, it made me smile to say the least :)Lots of hugs from Norway

  • Anonymous says:

    oh, how sweet, you're very welcome Katerina. and how nice you knew it was me :-)good luck with the coco's, they are SO good for the body, even my dog loves them (he is called Coco as his face looks like a monkey)remember… always buy the heavy ones full of water with no cracks and clean eyes.♥ muchos abrazos de Barcelona ♥

    • Katerina says:

      Oh I knew right away and I was beyond delighted :)They really are! Today I attempted another one trying your way and it worked like a charm! I thought it would take me multiple tries but even at first it opened easily and almost perfectly. Next time I am sure its going to be even easier thank you so much Carolina! Warm hugs ( even though I live in Norway hehe )Katerina

  • Unknown says:

    I just put in the oven at 200°C for about 15 minutes, and the heat cracks the hard shell. After letting it cool for a little while I take the shell of and cut a hole in the soft nut, and you can drink the milk right out of the nut itself. Since I know this method, I haven't have any problems with coconuts at all!

    • Katerina says:

      I will try that too sounds very easy as well thank you! Carolinas advice from the top worked out so easily though so it's going to be a tough choice hehexxx

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