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February 9, 2014

It feels like yesterday when our home office was in a spare bedroom downstairs and I was longing for the amp empty space upstairs. 

I have no pictures of the room downstairs because I just never took any. It was a little depressing with its brown colored walls and the tiny window so I was just trying to spend as less time possible down there.

I do however have photos of building our desk and before photos of upstairs!

This whole post was inspired when I found the photo above while sorting out my folders on my desktop.

This was the first photo I took as soon as I put my screen up on the desk. The only accessories were my headphones, my keyboard and a cup of tea. I had already purchased my beautiful Benq monitor few weeks prior and to this day I think it’s probably the most stylish screen out there Apple/Mac included. I love Mac but I was sad when they stopped producing the white Macbook. This Benq monitor is Mac and Windows compatible so it doesn’t matter what computer you own, it will work with everything! 

I talked about how we got to DIY our own desk in this post and I am shaking my head when I am looking at the photos I had taken. It is only a few months old but the difference is quite big. 

The short version of the story is that we were lucky enough to acquire two large pieces of solid wood cut right from an enormous tree. I made the surface from one and legs from the other.We had to sand and paint it all ourselves since the wood was completely unprocessed and we were again lucky to have the help of my boyfriends multi talented father all the way through. From alerting us to the existence of the pieces, driving us and helping us carry them,lending us his garage to set up shop ( click for a photo of the wood pieces ) and sanding most of the surface bless him. 

While we were preparing the desk we had already moved our pc’s upstairs and set them up on our old dining table. It was cramped and felt awful and I am happy that it didn’t last more than a few weeks.You can see photos here and here of how the corner used to look at that point!

As soon as we got our DIY desk assembled I immediately set my pc on top of it and marveled at the sight of a clean corner.  Although I loved the way the desk looked au naturel I opted for painting it completely white. The results you can see below if you aren’t already familiar with how my home office looks!

Alternatively you can see all the posts collectively that concern my office here

I recently added these links on the right side of the blog and I love how tidy it looks and how easy it is to find exactly what you want.

If you have any questions about products or the colors I used just leave a comment below!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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