Few of my favorite things ugg boots+sheepskins

February 8, 2014

Finally Saturday is here! 

What is it about this day specifically that makes me feel so free? Free to wake up as late as my body will let me, free to go anywhere and do anything with no time restrictions. To know that it’s a day with no outside obligations and that tomorrow will be the same also. All services are closed so even if there was something you had to do you can’t these two magical days so I feel free to absolve myself of all the guilt of not doing something I should. Because today I can do anything and that includes doing absolutely nothing as well. So I will sit in front of the fire right in the floor and read a book while I enjoy a cup of tea. Do you still do that? I never stopped. Lying on the warm floor on a comfy sheepskin or a plush carpet is still my favorite place to read. I guess we all have our quirks ! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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3 comments on “Few of my favorite things ugg boots+sheepskins”

  • Anu says:

    Sounds like a perfection! I hope you had a lovely Saturday and that Sunday would be even better! x

    • Katerina says:

      Best part of this is just sitting on the floor while on a comfy carpet or sheepskin! I just love it I can't have enough weekends hehe Hope you have a lovely weekend also! ♥*hugs*

  • Alan crew says:

    Well, it's really good idea for weekends and I liked it. Sheepskin ugg boots are not just keep you warm in winter but it's all time fashion trends for winters and that's why everyone wants to have few pairs of ugg boots.

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