Coffee and tips on organizing your social media tasks

February 18, 2014

Early rise today and a good opportunity for a quick walk now that the wind is not blowing the roof over our heads! So coffee first, tide up loose ends on my list from yesterday night and off I go!

I always prided myself of remembering my task in hand but lately it seems my mind just can’t focus enough.

I seem to wake up with the equivalent of a tabula rasa. What do you do to combat the forgetfulness? I have various way depending on what the task is.

First of all I keep a monthly calendar for ideas, appointments, anything that has to do with arranging anything multiple days ahead of time. For good measure I always write these down on my iPhone for it’s audio notification. ( I forget about birthdays like a goldfish, phone calendars have saved my life )

I love Instagram and it’s vibrant crowd! From competitions,giveaways to tags and also commenting on my favorite photos, keeping in touch with everyone the easiest way is an iPhone or iPad snapshot. 

If there is anything I can’t do when I see a post I will snapshot my screen and later or next day it will be the perfect reminder of what I wanted to do with its content.

My general advice is try to use visual, audio and written notifications  in order to organize your tasks, 

you will be surprised at how much you can achieve then how much free time you get when you don’t procrastinate trivial tasks!

Hope you have a great day!

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