February 23, 2014

Yesterday I received my little toy lion that Archabits send me after I won their giveaway.

I absolutely love it. Although it’s supposed to be a childs toy I am delighted to say I spend quite a lot of time myself reassembling it again and again. Do read on for more information!

These are entire handmade set of toys from product line ESNAF, designed and made by Archabits. They are made by natural materials beech and oak. They are not polished or painted… They are assembled by embedded magnets which let your children play various plays. They can combine the different parts creating weird animals, creatures and characters or they can practice to assemble the right ones, matching them by the magnet colors.

The line includes my personal favorite the lion as also a monkey, a giraffe, an elephant and a hippopotamus!

All parts are interchangeable due to the magnets so the more toys you have the more fun you are going to have reassembling them! 

I love all of the designs and I will for sure be getting more as I think my little lion will surely be getting lonely very soon!

Photos 2|3|4 courtesy of Archabits

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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