Wishing for Snow

January 5, 2014

Today it’s the first Sunday of the year.

Surprisingly winter has been remarkably tame. 

I long for snow covered landscapes.

Foggy vistas.

A reason to wear woolen hats and woolen mittens without feeling too warm after a few minutes of walking.

Last year around this time everything was covered with snow.
But I have hope that cold and snow are still on my future!

For now I can only enjoy a not so chilly afternoon with some chai latte which I made for the first time and was surprisingly very good! I just added some frothy milk to my tea and voila. Instant great chai latte.
I highly recommend it.

Of course I had to also experiment with some cream on top and some pieces of chocolate. My tea was caramel flavored so it took on to the extra additions like ducks to water.

I also have to make a small mention to these cute little new mugs from Modern House. I am not sure where to get them online I got them from a local store while walking around. They have a ceramic feel and are two toned. There is a version of grey on the outside with creme on the inside ( the one on the photos ) and a creme on the outside with grey on the inside. I have to confess to an obsession with mugs. I already have a cupboard filled and the selection keeps growing. However these kind of mugs can also be used later as vases or for any storage purpose I don’t feel half as bad as I should. Not that I really do and I have a feeling I am not alone!  

Have a lovely Sunday!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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