My 2014 Calendar with a Twist

January 15, 2014

Last night lovely Ivelina from Frichic posted the amazing photo seen below featuring my 2014 Calendar.

I love this photo, the styling is impeccable! I adore her blog as well if you are interested in fashion this is an amazing personal style blog.

 Credit | Frichic

Credit | Frichic

 The photo itself got me thinking,  as you can see it’s  the calendar but without the 2014 logo. I have to be honest when creating the calendar I was torn between two choices when it came the header. I decided to go with the version as seen here because I thought lines depicting numbers would be tad weird for people wondering what year the calendar is representing. But I love the triangular shape of the letters and I equally love the minimalistic numbers the font itself is providing. Each line represents the number one so 2 lines = 1+1 etc. I am releasing this version on my blog too for the people that find it equally beautiful as I do. 

Just click on the images to download the full version! 

( You can also download the black version here and the white version here )

Also something else new that recently moved into our house is a selection of Menu Candlesticks.

I have already photographed the versions for the table quite a lot! But I was torn as to where to hang the version for the walls. Yesterday they seem to finally have found their place on the little corner beside the fireplace. They just naturally fit there after I removed all the Christmas decorations as seen here or here.

Also the new version of the calendar seems to fit like a charm although I am planning on getting a much bigger frame to accommodate it.

Hope you like the new version of the 2014 Calendar!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

6 comments on “My 2014 Calendar with a Twist”

  • Ivelina says:

    Oh, you made me so happy! Thank you for being such an inspiration, you deserve all the credit <3

    • Katerina says:

      You are so sweet!Your photos are amazing I really love your blog and its content ! :)*hugs*

    • Monsterscircus says:

      This is absolutely amazing and stylish – It suits your home perfect:-) Thanks for sharing Katerina

    • Katerina says:

      Thank you! ♥ When I designed this back in October I had very much my house in mind you are absolutely right 🙂 Your blog is so lovely so glad you commented here and I was directed to it!*hugs*

  • Hendrik says:

    Hey!Where can i buy those candlesticks?Thank you.

    • Katerina says:

      Hello Henrik!Depending on what country you live in but the brand is Menu POV candleholders! I can help out for Scandinavian countries and I know of a store in US. If you don't find them feel free to ask me where exactly but please mention where you live!

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