My 12 favortire Mugs Roundup

January 24, 2014

Anyone that knows me knows I have an obsession with mugs , let’s call it a collection so I feel less awful for hoarding numerous mugs in my cupboards.

Below you can see my top 20 even though I am still missing at least half of them.

Note that the top row is entirely made of thermocups. I love thermocups so much more than regular cups nowadays. They retain heat for much longer and they are not as hot originally to the touch which is another huge plus .

I am pacing myself mostly because there is no more space for the new ones.

1 | Kähler Omaggio Thermocup 2 | Menu Thermocups Nordic Wool by Norm 3 | Menu Thermocups with Lid by Norm  4 |  Eva Solo Lungo Thermocup 5 | Design Letters by Arne Jacobsen 6 | Marimekko without handle  7 | Muuto Bulky Yellow 8 | Ferm Living Geometry Cups 9 |  Höganäs coffecup  10 | Bodum Pavin double glass 11 |  Sarjaton Mug    12 | Menu Mano Cup 

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