Morning Fruit Smoothie and tips on how to make it healthy

January 28, 2014

A morning smoothie is great to start your day.

Depending on what you blend in it you will get vitamin/protein blast in a glass that will give you enough energy for a lot of hours. 

Theoretically smoothies are supposed to be the perfect quick breakfast of snack.

 Fruits along with some dairy and ice. 

 How can you go wrong with that right? Unfortunately the list is quite big.

From too much sugar from sweetened artificial fruit juices or frozen yogurt packed with sugar, too many fatty fruits like bananas mangoes or avocados,extra honey, extra fat from full fat yogurts or milk. 

Suddenly your smoothie doesn’t look all too healthy. 

Scroll down for 5 steps to take to make your smoothie delicious healthy satisfying and guilt free!

5 Steps into making a healthy and satisfying smoothie

1. Freeze your own fruit or buy frozen fruit with no sugar additives. Cut up chunks of any fruit you love, spread them in a tray and freeze until firm. Store in a plastic bag until you are ready to use them! Frozen fuits are essential to a thick and frosty smoothie!

2. Use fat free Greek yogurt or fat free milk. This way you get the protein your body needs to fuel itself for several hours without feeling hungry and you avoid the extra fat. Almond milk is a great non dairy alternative also!

3. Add some coconut water instead of sugary juice! It will make your smoothie richer and more flavorsome not to mention it’s a great source of potassium and electrolytes! Alternatively you can add a juicy orange that will provide that extra liquid and fruit volume at the same time.

4. Bananas, mangoes and avocados are great for adding volume to your smoothie. However use with care and add only a few pieces rather than a whole fruit. A quarter of a banana will be just fine or just a few chunks of mango or avocado. This is where freezing your own fruits comes even more useful. We tend to throw a whole banana in the mix just because we don’t want to throw the rest away. Instead cut a few bananas in chunks and freeze them! This way you can use 3 or 4 pieces instead of a whole fruit.

5. Do not add extra sugar or honey in the mix. All those fruits and coconut milk are enough to sweeten your smoothie, but if you really want an extra sweet factor use agave syrup! It has a lower glycemic index load causing less of a spike in blood sugar so you are likely to feel less hungry shortly after. I also use stevia as a sweetener, I have yet to feel hungry after a few hours of having my smoothie!

Have a lovely day!

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