Kitchen Renovation Ideas on White/Wood/Marble

January 11, 2014

I want to renovate my kitchen that much is not a secret. 

But it’s not just the kitchen. If I could I would quite literally tear the house down and build anew.

From the mismatched floors to the mismatched walls, different wallpapers for seemingly every corner I have to wonder what was the previous owner thinking. 

Now don’t get me wrong I could do really nice things without having to demolish the house.

But since we don’t know how long yet we are going to reside here I don’t want to spend too much money. 

So I am investing in furniture and decoration instead. 

It is no wonder I choose never to show our bathroom. 

Or the kitchen. 

But I think the kitchen can be easily renovated without too much of an absurd cost. A new fridge or any new appliances can always move with us.

I am thinking thus an open plan with shelves for the kitchen would not be a bad idea. 

In my head I know exactly how it’s going to look but I am drawing a lot of inspiration over from various places. Some of my favorites include various architects and various bloggers that I have been following!

1| Normcph  2| Normcph  3| Lesley Unruh  4| Blackbirdstyle 5| Foreverlovecom 

These are just but a few of my inspirations.

My main theme will be definitely white with wooden and marble accents.

Here’s to hoping we will start sooner than later!

If you want more kitchen inspiration visit my Pinterest board  Home▲Kitchen+Dining

Do you have kitchen inspirations you would like to share with me? Leave a comment below I always appreciate new ideas!

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