Enjoying the snow

January 12, 2014

I am still riding the incredible feeling of waking up to a white day!

But there is nothing better than enjoying it than having your incredibly loving boyfriend bring you hot double chocolate mocha cappuccino (yes that is an incredibly long long name for a coffee ) while you gaze away on the snow filled balcony. The cups with our initials are an extra bonus that I love.

Today a lot of blogs popped on my feed reporting how exactly all blogs are ending up looking the same.

With the same interior ideas. The same interior decoration.

I have always followed my own style. I am not the one looking to follow the trend. 

I love shopping at outlets because I find great quality clothes that are half price or less due to them being last seasons design. That’s ok with me. After all I am going to wear them for a long time to come.

But what drives me into buying anything? 

I will buy ANYTHING if I like it.

No matter the price 

If it’s too expensive there might be some hurdle there )

No matter if everyone loves it.

No matter if everyone hates it.

No matter if everyone has it.

The list can go on.

From my UGG boots that half the people I know hates them and the other half think they are not in anymore. I still love them. They are warm and fuzzy.

My iphone and ipad. Yes please lets have more people buying those. That only means that Apple will not discontinue them and I will get to have new versions when my old ones break.

I love sitting in my living room and relaxing.

Cooking in a kitchen that I love being in.

I sleep better in a bedroom that I think is cozy and well designed.

Regardless of if the way my spaces are designed I will always feel better in a room that is clean and ordered.

 I love my Milk lamp as much as I love my vintage no specific brand name chairs surrounding the dinning table. And if at some point I prefer relocating them and replacing them with Eames ones blame it to my constant need for changing my space around me depending on my mood. They could also be easily replaced with DIY stools. 

Because I love design in any form.

And that’s my criteria.

For now I will enjoy my hot aromatic coffee in the Arne Jacobsen Design Letters mugs I adore. 

 My boyfriend picked those for today randomly. We have an obsession with mugs which steadily fills our mug cabinet. I would have been as excited to capture the moment and they would have looked equally great if he had picked our equally beautiful but cheap no specific brand ceramic mugs pictured here. It would just have been different photos. 

Style your life in a way you enjoy living it and have fun while doing it!

What is your criteria when buying things? 

I would love to see photos from your favorite design findings whether branded or not :)

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

2 comments on “Enjoying the snow”

  • Ivelina says:

    It is admirable to have such philosophy when buying things!For me, it is important each item to fit well in my closet and home as most things are out in the open. I prefer staples that are easy to combine with one another. i do follow trends but only adopt small details like color or shape. But I do have the occasional designer preferences :)As for design items, I am still new and love to browse through tons of inspiration images but as with fashion I know it will take time to grow my own taste and eventually I will be more disciplined when shopping :)P.S. Keep up inspiring us!

    • Katerina says:

      In fashion as well as anything that has to do with design, there are timeless pieces. As you know a little black dress will take you a long way no matter its designer but you may find that a specific one will have just the right lines for you :) At the end it's what suits you but having a base is always the right way to start. Then like you said you can build your own style! You described the process very nicely for fashion but its the same for anything that involves design :) Trends will come and go it's important to take what you like from them :)Thank you for your kind words!!*hugs*

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