Red Currants+Chocolate Baileys Dessert

December 16, 2013

Staying up at night always inspires me.Especially when I crave for something sweet.

Last week or so while going through the duty free a bottle of Baileys Chocolate flavor caught my eye. 

Ever since then I have used it in everything you can imagine aside from just drinking it with ice.

In my chai latte. In my cappuccino. On ice cream. I baked Baileys cookies and Baileys Brownies.

Mind you last time I even had anything remote to alcoholic drink must have been last years glass of wine in New Years. Suffice it to say I am not much of a drinker simply because I just don’t like how alcohol tastes.

But Baileys has always been on top of my list if nothing else because a few teaspoons are enough to transform every dessert. I have always loved classic creamy Irish cream flavor but caramel was also one of my favorites. Chocolate flavor I think is sweeter than any other but also creamier and slightly thicker making it perfect condiment for desserts.

Tonight I came up with yet another way to enjoy this sweet velvety version of this drink.

Just a few simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes of your time is what is standing between you and this amazing and surprising flavorful dessert. 


A few tablespoons of Chocolate flavor Baileys

A few tablespoons of your favorite vanilla syrup

( I used Nicolas Vahe S3 Vanilla Syrup )

A few tablespoons of White chocolate custard.

Milk chocolate choc chips

A few twigs of Red Currants


Simply pour a few Tbs of the white chocolate custard into a glass.

Top with one Tbs of Chocolate flavor Baileys.

Add some milk chocolate chips.

Dip your red currants into the vanilla syrup enough to make them glisten and place them on the top the glass.

I was taking teaspoons of the custard from the glass and dropping them on a plate while pouring some drops of more Baileys on top and adding chocolate chips to enhance the flavor.

This is an even more decadent way of enjoying this easy but so flavorsome dessert.

As I realized later just the currants with the baileys made such a good duo that I soon forgot to add custard!

As a whole the acidity of the currants balances beautifully the sweetness of the custard and the alcoholic favorite liquor.

Enjoy while cozying near a fireplace hopefully with some snow falling out of your window!

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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