Christmas Gifts

December 26, 2013

If it’s possible I have been without a wallet for the last two years.

My last one had a gaping hole due to an accident making it impossible to use so I had been relying on my Kipling travelling wallet ( the one big enough to fit all of your passports,boarding passes and possibly half your bag )  for so long. While all the presents we got have me completely overwhelmed this year ( my boyfriends family has been more than generous and loving ) this Christmas gift from my boyfriend will be the most practical and one of the most cherished. Not only now I have a brand new beautiful wallet to keep my life and my bag in order but as an added bonus it works as a clutch since it provides with the perfect nook to place my iPhone in too. Oh the joy!


And the best part is that Christmas is not even over yet! Or at least it doesn’t feel like it. With so many dinners meaning so much time with the family lovely company I feel over joyous. 

Hope everyone has the most lovely holidays!

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