November 2, 2013

Wherever you might live in the world, cold or hot, humid or dry, days filled with sun or filled with snow, there is something we have in common. Our favorite beverage. I have to admit that other than the humble milkshake or the occasional fresh squeezed juice I lean much more towards hot drinks. And even though I grew up in Greece and you would think a cold drink would fit my temperament, a hot chocolate soothes my soul like nothing else. I honestly can’t wait to go back to my home in Norway and relax by the fireplace while the snow is falling softly out of the window whilst enjoying a hot cup of tea. 

The days can’t go by fast enough. Keep reading for a few of my favorite drinks with a few tweaks that make them even more delicious!

This is a simple chocolate recipe that is elevated by the humble marshmallow. I add only enough as to sweeten the cacao powder that is naturally bitter.

This is one of my favorite teas to have. The secret is home made vanilla bean essence. 

 I am lucky enough to have amazing baileys/vanilla scented tea leaves but any black tea will do. For an easy recipe of the vanilla bean essence just add your used vanilla beans to a glass container filled with vodka and let it sit for 15days. You can use it earlier and you can store it for what seems forever it just never goes bad. Keep adding used vanilla beans when you have them and replace the old ones that look too shriveled. 

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles? I will be very surprised if there are any raised hands out there. For a great chocolate mix just use your favorite cocoa powder and add two teaspoons of starch. Mix them together with some sugar if you want your chocolate sweeter and add them with milk to a pan. Stir vigorously in medium temp in a few minutes the liquid will start to thicken.The more you stir the more it will thicken so remove it from the fire when you are pleased with the result. Adding milk at that point will make it less thick and adding more starch will make it even thicker. If you want it thicker add more starch on the first step. You can always add more later but remember if you do to mix it with a few TS of cold milk first until it dissolves.

Here we go. This really doesn’t need any introduction does it. Chocolate with steamed milk and ice cream of your choice. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top to finish. You’re welcome.

Finally coffee. Although coffee is not on the top of my list of hot beverages when you add some flavor into it it bounces back up. The secret to this is cinnamon powder and a cinnamon stick. Drop a cinnamon stick in the coffee before pouring in the Chantilly cream and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top.

How you enjoy your beverage is up to you but I always love adding more to the picture. Some caramels, cookies, marshmallows, sugar, extra milk, a candle or even letting that cream explode and drip on your plate are all elements that will make the experience even more enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee on the go by your PC or by the TV or even standing up. But when you choose to relax my advice is do it with style. You won’t regret it.



Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

2 comments on “Chocolate♥Coffee♥Tea”

  • Victoria // Oh So Pretty says:

    Oh my, Katty! This is such an amazing post! Tea, hot chocolate, coffee?! You really know the way to my heart! I have never added vanilla beans! I will need to try that. And the chocolate with milk and ice cream ! OMG want! I'm not much of a coffee drinker either, but yes, add some flavor and we are good to to! Thank you for this amazing post, Katty! xoxo

    • Katerina says:

      Adding vanilla essence is like adding vanilla syrup without the extra sweetness! But vanilla beans are just superior really there is competition with any syrup when it comes to taste ♥ I love smelling coffee much more than I like drinking it too hehe We are those kind of people I guess :)Thank you for stopping by!*hugs*

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