One Shelf 4 different ways

October 17, 2013

Ever since I came back to visit Greece I have been living in my old bedroom.

I love some of the elements that I added a few years ago and the build in customs shelves from my previous post are definitely my favorite.

However I find myself constantly rearranging my things and I can’t pick a favorite style enough to stick with.

A lot of people find themselves horrified by the idea of arranging shelf space but there are some simple tricks that will make the task so much easier!

When there are too many little things to add to the composition try to use as many unified colors as possible to contain them. While there is a place for every color in the earth that doesn’t mean they have to land where you live. For this composition I chose yellow and red and the rest is black and white with the grey walls as my background that make up for my canvas. Cases in general are either white or transparent so they don’t create much confusion to the eye and the don’t add to the bulk of the arrangement. Some black and white posters with a black and white to do list provide for easy wall decor. A yellow book and a red agenda give a pop of color. Light wooden and silver details fit perfectly with such a color palette also. When it comes to putting things together a good trick is to arrange them into groups of threes. The way to match them with the rest of the composition is to take a step back and either try to make visual triangles with the points of the triangles being your objects. If you are confident enough with your skills and have been doing this for a long time then try to balance empty space in correlation to your objects. If you have a cluttered area leave the space directly above it empty or almost empty and fill up the one on top of that.

Following the advises from above now you can play with any type of decoration you feel like.

Here I arranged some perfumes, bags, shoes ,beauty books and some beauty products I use everyday. Feel free to keep your sunglasses or favorite watch there as well !

A white vase with some flowers is a good addition to this composition if they are fresh even better.

You can add more candles and clear vases for storage.

If you are anything like me you have embraced Pinterest with all your heart and read your books and magazines on your iPad. However you also used to be a book worm weren’t you. I was one of the biggest. Just because technology now allows to me to declutter with storing everything in hard drives and virtual clouds it doesn’t mean that I will throw away my old books any day soon. If anything I still buy some interior decoration magazines and enjoy them by the fire with a cup of tea. I would love to take all my books with me back to Norway and display them in various bookcases if I could so this arrangement speaks a lot to me. To make the arrangement more interesting I placed the books into various positions. A semi open yellow book combined with the painters figurine adds a fun element to the composition. 

I planned to use the shelf above for my moleskin collection before I realized that most of them are now in Norway so instead I stacked the ones I had with some white storage pots. I loosely left some of my favorite bookmarks lying around and added a potted plant as a last detail.

Last but not least is an arrangement that will appeal to most people nomatter of their age or style preference. 

I used the least amount of objects and I didn’t add any pop of color to achieve a better minimalistic look. Some wooden or silver details can be used without distracting too much. Potted plants add elegance and bring life to the otherwise bare composition. There is not much to say other than be very careful with how you utilize you empty space even more when you are going for a minimal look. Balance is the most important factor.

Hope you enjoyed these arrangements and experiment with your walls and shelves soon! I would love to see yours as well so feel free to share them!



Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

2 comments on “One Shelf 4 different ways”

  • Victoria // Oh So Pretty says:

    I am soooo in love with your room and your built in shelves! OMG and all your arrangements are PERFECTLY beautiful! You have something to for every style! I love them all! I feel like they ALL fit me, but you know how I tend to gravitate towards minimal simplicity!Love this so much, Katty! xoxo

    • Katerina says:

      You and I think the same ♥ Given the choice I will always jump for the minimalistic choice! However I do like to change things around so I tend to rearrange a lot 🙂 🙂 Hugs!

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