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July 14, 2013

While I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to configure this blog and the chaos that follows as you register your own domain, at least I am doing it at our new “office”. 

Our previous office was located downstairs in one of the spare bedrooms. 

While it is great to have a designated room for working/playing/studying when home, our house offered the perfect spot upstairs for a home office. 

While it is not even close as being finished yet, the new desk is finally painted and dry enough to support screens, keyboards and everything that makes an office nook comfortable. 

I wanted a rather big surface to host both our pc’s while still having more than enough room to move without hitting each other and feeling we are invading each others space. I figured that a custom made desk would be the only way to go and I was lucky enough to find the perfect piece of wood. An enormous tree nicknamed The King was weathered from norwegian winter and fell. I acquired two large pieces each around 2.5m lenght , 0.6m height and with 6cm width. 

Perfect. Just perfect. 

I love how organic the surface is , the front part of the desk was sanded carefully so all the curves of the trunk would be preserved. The top surface still bares all the marks of the trunk as well. For the legs the second  piece received the same treatment. We cut it in pieces and attached them at the ends of the top surface. 

So simple yet the feeling of the old tree makes this project extremely unique. 

The “nook” still needs chairs and since the living room is so close I know office style chairs will not work. I do however have my eye on these amazing lounge chairs from  Bohus
( Image below courtesy of Bohus website )

I have so many ideas for this nook I feel like a kid in a candy store. 

At least I have narrowed down the theme to black and white with colorful accents.

 When there is a lot of clutter in the room the best way to counteract all of the noise is to narrow down to one or two neutral colors then create contrast with accessories in vivid colors. 

While my side of the nook is white, the little details are colorful enough to bring life and break the white monotony. 

Flowers will always make any room seem brighter. For vases you can always use those forgotten ceramic milk jugs you wanted to throw away. 

A comfortable place to work at home will brighten our mood and make us feel more energetic. 

It is worth investing some time and effort, even on a small budget a little imagination and some research will go a long way.



Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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