July 19, 2013

First look of entryway, it was long due to say the least. 

When I first entered the house all of the walls were painted in an unspecified shade of brown.

True to form I painted over a few coats of white to brighten up the space.

The fact that there are no windows downstairs still saddens me. 

This is on the opposite side of the side table as we enter the house. 

A nice bench where you can sit and remove your shoes is not only useful but it provides with a nice place to leave your handbag or anything you would rather not put on the floor.

Last but not least a little snippet of under the stairs.

 I needed a furniture to leave things on when downstairs. 

Ipads and iphones will always have a home now.

While this is the first view, I have long way to go before it is remotely finished. 

If anything I need to frame some of my beloved photos or hang my paintings.

Hopefully in a few months my books will also move in the house…

To be continued..



Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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