July 30, 2013

After the construction of the table for the office nook the bug of DYI got too much into me to ignore.

Even if it is repainting a small stool, some imagination and painters tape will go a long way.

Returning from our last IKEA trip along with the rest of our purchases we got an IKEA ODDVAR stool ( as pictured below courtesy of IKEA.no )made of pine.

I used a normal roller to paint the stool white with Beckers panelgrund color Kokos. 

I painted the parts of the stool before assembling it.

Next day I masked the stool with blue painters tape and applied another coat of white color and waited for it to dry. Then I sprayed painted the desired parts golden and immediately and very carefully removed the masking tape. 

The reason we apply another coat of the base color is an old trick so the second color will not sip though the tape. 

At the end I applied a layer of clear glaze to finish off the stool and protect it.

While I usually prefer stools that are rougher looking, for now this particular one has won a place in my heart and in the foyer.  



Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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