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Thursday, July 7, 2016

One of my favorite things on the afternoon if I am home is to browse on my Pinterest with a drink on the side. Depending on how warm the weather is I might opt for a cold brewed coffee or an iced coffee (next time I am outside on the balcony I will  snap some shots for you). A tip if you are drinking iced coffee, try freezing some in your freezer,this way instead of ice cubes you will use coffee cubes. In fact I love just filling a glass of milk and dropping in coffee in ice cubes instead of making it the traditional way, it is perfect for a summer morning. It is funny because all these ideas I initially discovered on Pinterest, along with so much more inspiration of just about everything. You can see why I dedicate a few minutes every afternoon to it. As for my snack in case you are wondering, it is just cottage cheese on knäckebröd with some lightly caramelized seasonal forest fruits. Do try it! 

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  1. Nothing like a good Pinterest scroll sesh.. Will have to try your snack out next time I'm pinning!
    xx, R @



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