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Travel Tips for your Essentials : Protect your Macbook, iPhone

Friday, April 22, 2016

Some details on my coffee table while packing yesterday. My Mac and a wireless headset always follow me when I travel for more than 2 to 3 days plus a wireless mouse, while a watch and my phone are few of the essentials that go without saying. Tips for you based on experience:
1. I use a marble vinyl skin for my Mac, it protects it while looking a little bit different. Even though I have gotten tired of the specific skin I still chose to leave it until I come back home from travelling since it is offers amazing protection against scratches etc. 
2. I also use a cover for my iPhone and I m glad I do since it is so easy to drop from my bag when I rummage around to find documents, sunglasses, lip balm or hand creams or anything that is in the bottom of my bag.
3. While the headphones on the photo look great I am on the hunt for a pair that also offer noise cancellation/reduction. After having to fly several times per month I have learned to appreciate as much quiet time as I can get or even have less background noise when I am trying to listen to music or watch a movie. I haven't decided on a specific pair or brand yet, when I do I ll let you know!
4. Lots of flying companies now have reduced their requirements for on board luggage. I am also on the hunt for one that will fit new required sizes while it is portable with decent space. I am looking at Rimowa and I have to say some of their designs and materials look amazing!

Time to leave Starbucks and head to my gate, I will be on my Instagram or Snapchat (katerina.dima) if you want to connect with me next few days or follow the Blogger awards :)For now on my Snapchat you can see flights, airports and lots of hot chocolate snaps! Catch you later :)

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  1. Så mye fint du har på pulten din!!
    Lekkert, lekkert :)

  2. Love your Iphone Case. Can you share who makes it?



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