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Last snow and personal photos of last year

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Last winter photo for my blog until next snow falls. The weather surprised us with a last flurry of snow last week. I absolutely love snow and this year I have been trying to learn how to ski, I would say very unsuccessfully. I have made big leaps however from the first time I tried where I thought it was a success just standing up enough on my feet to take a  proud photo of myself.
I will miss the beautiful light it casts although I am looking forward to summer and long hikes (how can you not hike when this is where you get to walk), swimming and vacations. Last year I was so happy to use the kayaks ( at the house and just before the first plunge here) and just paddle slowly around, during the hot summer days. My boyfriends family cabin is just by the water ( the view from the breakfast area is stunning) making this activity really easy and something I am looking forward to. You can just take a small boat or kayak to the other side of the fjord to find a nice secluded spot to swim when the tide is down around midday. There is a little pier right down the path of the house where you can also sunbathe if you don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything else. And how can I forget the wild strawberries growing freely out there ready to pick and eat while we are hiking! Are you as excited for summer as I am!?

I will be using snapchat (username : katerina.dima ) a lot this summer, so you will find me there regularly updating it for more photos as shared above :)

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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