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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Details from a small corner on my home office desk.Some of my favorites at this moment and some inspiration. I am starting to collect all scents from Skandinavisk candles. I absolutely love how they smell even when they are not lit, not to mention after they are finished the glass jar can be used in so many different ways. While at the office I will most of the times light a candle as the aroma calms me down and makes me feel much more creative. Some essentials include pencils and clips, clear and marble cases for storage as well as a lip balm. I have a healthy obsession with lip balms and I tend to spread them everywhere around the house, in my bags, the car or even in my wallet. I have been up quite early today and the sun is shining so I will bid you good day and head for a nice run to wake up my muscles. If you like to take peeks of my unedited parts of the day feel free to follow me on snapchat! You will find me under username katerina.dima !
Happy Sunday to everyone!

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