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Luscious French Caramel tea with Vanilla Syrup

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I love tea. I think I might be a British soul or something because I can't go through my day without having a cup or two. But while saying this I have to confess I actually hate English Breakfast tea. I gravitate towards sweet flavors or at least fruity ones. My favorites include various infusions and natural herbal selections with the occasional addition of warm tea. Who can resist a great chai latte after all? 

A newly found favorite brand NICOLAS VAHÉ surprised me with their amazing selection of teas. There are 3 blends, a blend of black tea flavored with caramel, a blend of green tea flavoured with raspberry and ginger and finally a blend of green tea (Sencha) flavoured with passionfruit and coconut.
 All three blends are rich and sumptuous with delectable under tones of warm aroma. This weeks favorite has to be the French Caramel  T2. 

Scroll down for the best way to enjoy this amazing blend!

When I first made this tea I enjoyed it as is with a little bit of milk. While it tasted great for the second cup I decided it would be a good idea to add a few drops of my favorite vanilla syrup from the same brand. The result was stunning both in flavor as in appearance as the tea magically transformed into what it looked as a strong resemblance of  liquid caramel. The richness of the texture and the aroma was so strong I had a hard time believing this was not in fact hot liquid caramel with a little bit of black tea in instead. The photos speak for themselves as the contents of my cup could easily have been mistaken as such. What a pleasant surprise for this tea lover! 

1. Tea - Nicolas Vahé | 2. Clips - Hay | 3. Syrup - Nicolas Vahé | 4. Marble tray - House Doctor | Mug - Menu | Candleholder - Menu

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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  1. I love tea and I also make all my own coffee syrups so I will try this for sure. My favorite is mint. syrup which is great in tea and coffee. Love your blog and the pictures are gorgeous.

    1. Mint is great! Mint chocolate covered leaves are my weakness hehe
      Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it!



  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ..! ♡

    i have been looking for golden / copper
    clips like yours, ~ would you share from
    where you bought it ?

    thank you for the morning smiles,


    1. They are called Clip Clip from Hay. I get them from specifically :)



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